Reading through blog posts

I’ll be honest: there were weeks when I took these assignments very seriously, and there were weeks that Ad Media just didn’t allow that.

And it showed in my work. I know it did. Of course assignments that I spent more time on are going to look better than assignments I struggled to finish in time. For example, my print ad campaign was something that I really focused on and perfected. Conversely, my brand story telling video straight up sucked. I know it did. I was working on that at the same time as Ad Media was entering crunch time, and I had to prioritize.

Then there are assignments that were just mediocre (looking at you, social media). I’m fully aware of the transparency that my work can have as a reflection of my dedication to it. I’m also aware that I am probably way TOO involved and Gaylord and should most likely drop a thing or two (not that I ever will). This semester has been one of my hardest so far, and I think that was visible in my assignments.


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