Blog Domain Reflection

This website has been many things. It started out as my domain for 1013, then I wiped that clean to use it for Intro to PW. Then it became my platform for this class.

Honestly, I’m really not that into blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, just not in this way. I would much rather write out a short story than a blog post. And I know, I could post my stories on here. But I’m just not into that.

I’m not going to rush to immediately delete my blog after this class or anything like that, but I doubt I’ll be visiting it much. I have a lot of other mediums I prefer to write in. I actually prefer writing my personal thoughts out into a leather-bound notebook than typing them.

As far as a domain goes, I have a website that I keep up with that has links to my portfolio and resume, and that’s enough for me. I know blogging is a valuable skill to have lately, but not once has a blog, or even a website, come up in a job interview. And I’m okay with that.


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