Challenge82: Create a product description document

My rock. The light of my life. The reason I wake up in the morning.

All of these things describe my planner.

The Lilly Pulitzer 2016-2017 agenda is, to say the least, outstanding. The beautifully detailed floral cover and laminated tabs set this planner above all others. The agenda is equipped with OVER one year of pages, so it’s as much of a bargain as it is a beauty.

If you’ve ever strolled down the agenda aisle at Office Depot, you’ve seen many of the same thing – black and white planners that appear interchangeable. Sure, they may vary in size, but the aesthetic remains quite boring. The Lilly Pulitzer planner breaks those norms. This agenda doesn’t just think outside the box – it breaks the box. The artwork on the front and back covers make me excited to pull this small book out of my bag.

The planner’s overwhelming benefit is excellent organization. Not only does it have 18 months of individually laid-out weeks, it offers sections to record birthdays, travel itineraries and notes.

Forget a cluttered desk full of sticky notes and reminders. You can easily store everything in this planner. No more forgotten meetings, no more late homework. It’s all in the planner.

The agenda isn’t just pretty on the outside – it has artwork on the inside as well. Each page is detailed with colorful art, and the months have corresponding colors. If the artwork is pink, you’re planning for the summer. If it’s blue, the winter. Each and every tab is laminated, making them easy to find and flip to. The spine is roomy enough to store a pen or two, which means you can always be at the ready to jot a reminder down. There is a large, two-year calendar at the very front of the planner, which makes big-picture planning all the more easy to do.


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